Monday, 17 February 2014

SECTION 7 ... More Time!

One of the things I talk to my students about in the TOEIC classes that I teach is time management and the way they distribute their time. In the listening section of the test, this is realtively easy. This is because the test is controlled by the CD that is playiong. Students cannot work fast or work slow - they can only go as fast as the CD. Similarly, they cannot change the order of the sctions or skip questions. In short, everything must follow the CD.

In the writing section, this is not the case. The students have 75 minutes ... and they can use that time in any way that they want. If they want to study section 7 first and section 5 last, that is ok. If they want to spend most of their time on section 6, that is also allowed. In short, there are no rules. Even though the reading section is more open and free for the students, that does not mean the students should do whatever they want. Just because you are allowed to spend most of your time on section 6 does not mean that you should!

The reading section - and for that matter - the whole test rests on section 7. The reason for this is pure mathematics. First of all, it is the largest sectyion of the test. It has 48 marks. That is more than any section. It is also often 10 or 15 pages long. Again, this is more than any section. Simply put, section 7 takes more time than any of the other sections in the test.

My advice here is simple. Remember this. Section 7 is bigger and takes longer. Be prepared for this. You cannot allocate the same amount of time for section 5 as you can for section 7. Budget more time for section 7!