Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Be Decisive

Getting a good score on the TOEIC exam is very difficult. However, lots of people make it even more difficult for themselves by being indecisive and thinking about things too much. A key part of passing the TOEIC is making strong and quick decisions. Students who are decisive score more points.

The picture you can see above is Rodin's The Thinker. This is a beautiful piece of art, but it is the kind of think we need to avoid during the TOEIC. If you are in the listening section of the test, you only hear the questions once. If you do not answer them quickly, you will begin to forget. It is best to answer whilst the information is as fresh in your mind as possible. In the reading section, you can read the questions as many times as you want, but they will not get easier. In both parts of the test is is best to make a decision and answer. If you do not, you waste time and you do not give yourself a chance to get any more marks.

So, how do you make good decisions? I like to recommend the traffic light system. This can be applied to the reading section of the test. 

Red Questions: When a question is very difficult and you do not know the answer, do not worry. There will be some questions like this for every student. Even if you score 940 points, you will get some questions wrong. In this situation, pick the answer you think is best and move on. Do not waste time.
Orange Questions: These are questions that are difficult, but you think you can answer them. These are the questions to spend time on. Think about the answers. Look for clues and evidence (Like CSI). Do not take five minutes to answer each, but think about these.
Green Questions: These are easy questions. if you know the answer, give the answer and move on. Do not spend time worrying about them.

If you spend your time on the orange questions, you can gain more marks. You are using your time well. if you waste too much time on Red and Green questions, you waste time.

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