Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Prepare for Pictures

Many people believe that section 1 of the TOEIC exam is the easiest section of the test. this is probably true. However, because they think it is easy and because there are only ten questions, many people ignore it and do not prepare well. this means they lose important marks. This is terrible. We do not want to lose a single possible mark! So, what should we do to ensure we do very well on section 1?

The tactic to be successful in section 1 is very simple. You should look at each picture before you hear the descriptions and try to predict what you think the description will be. Look at the picture and try to identify which nouns and verbs you think you will hear. If you know what you are listening for, it is much easier to make the right choice when you hear the four descriptions. I have two fun and easy ways that you can prepare at home:
  1. Pick up a magazine or a newspaper and look at the pictures inside. Then, simply, describe what is happening in that picture to yourself. Think about what the people are doing. Think about where they are. Think about what objects are in the picture.
  2. Take your camera or your smart phone and walk around your city taking pictures. Then, when you get home look at the pictures and try to describe to yourself what is happening.
Section 1 is not so big and not so difficult. And, even if you get all the questions correct, it does not mean you will score over 900 on the test. But, you should be 100% ready and should be prepared for the pictures you see and the descriptions you hear.

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